Most homeowners don’t realize that wind damage is covered in their homeowner’s policy. Most people don’t realize 25 yr, 3 tab shingles only have a wind warranty of 60 mph. Most people don’t realize if wind creases, or lifts your shingle from its seal, it is to be considered damaged and the life expectancy has been significantly reduced. Let our experienced insurance claims specialists:

  1. Inspect your roof- If your roof has wind damage, we will find it.
  2. Identify damage- We identify all wind damage with chalk so the claims adjuster will see exactly what we found when he inspects the roof
  3. File the claim- We walk you through the ENTIRE confusing claims process from start to finish.
  4. Meet with your adjuster- We meet the field adjuster at your property to represent you as your “contractor of choice” and point out all the damage we found.
  5. Negotiations/ Settlement Resolution- We negotiate on your behalf as your “contractor of choice” with the adjuster to ensure you receive all you are entitled to under the provisions of your homeowner’s policy.
  6. Project management- Our project managers oversee your project to ensure you are our #1 priority from start to finish
  7. Customer Satisfaction- As you will see from all of our great reviews, we do our absolute best every day to keep 99.9% of our customers well informed, involved, educated, and ultimately Very Satisfied with their experience.