Hello to all! I hope your Sunday is going great! Here again, steady as the morning sun, yet another, finely orchestrated (Insurance Claim Roofing Contractor) negotiation, restoration, installation, compilation, of the best materials, the best crew, and the best roofers in the West! This customer was able to get all this for just the cost of their deductible! Which in this case was $500! We are very up front, and clear with our customers, when we tell them. Your deductible is paid to your contractor. Consider it a copay, nothing is absolutely free 🙂 However, being as though you have likely paid homeowner’s insurance premiums for several years, and never filed a homeowner’s claim, your basically just recovering a small portion of your hard earned money! Our goal is to ensure that you get all your entitled to under your policy provisions. Just like we did for this Post Falls Idaho resident, and Farmers insurance policy holder! Call or text today for a FREE inspection to see if your roof has wind or hail damage, and qualifies for our program! @(208)966-2552 ID or (509)220-7484 WA Blessings, and peace be upon ALL!!

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